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Sunday, 9 April 2017

COSTA RICA - Some of the more colourful birds

One of the great things about birdwatching in the tropics is the stunning colour of some of the birds. They are just so bright that if you were to paint them you would not believe the colour.  But don't be misled there are even more dull and drab coloured birds, that are hard to spot in the shadows of the cloud and rain forest.
But it is the brightly coloured birds that stick in the memory - so here is just a few:

This is a Painted Bunting.  We decided to take an afternoon off from birding with the group and did our own thing - this just meant going birding in a different direction.  But it also meant that we could walk at our own pace and spend as much time as we wanted with a bird to get good photographs.
In the hotel grounds at Villa Lapas, Jackie spotted this superb Painted Bunting.

The colours look unreal. As I was digiscoping this bird, somebody was about to walk directly underneath it, which meant it would have flown, so I shouted to him and asked him to walk around.  I waved him over to come and have a look through my scope to view the bird, so luckily he didn't get upset at my request

 A little further on and I heard a Rufous Tailed Jacamar calling, but I couldn't see it.  Out came my Ipod to play the call to entice him in.
Luckily it worked straight away and the Jacamar came to a branch that was slightly obscured.  It was a busy bird and didn't stay still long.  At one point it actually landed on the ground.
Eventually it came out into the open where I got these shots. It was fairly dull which meant a fairly high ISO setting, and the Rufous Tailed Jacamar was constantly moving its head, this meant a lot of blurred photos. But I am happy with these.

Also on the same afternoon we came across this fantastic Turquoise Browed Motmot.  The angle wasn't great but we did get fairly close to it.  Despite not seeing a huge variety of birds on the afternoon, the birds we did see were really good quality views.
 At our next hotel - Ensenada Lodge we saw a couple more Turquoise Browed Motmots, although the views were not as close, it was a better view of the bird.  There was also a bit of heat haze which has affected the sharpness of the photograph.  But I am happy with it.  What a super bird

A bird that I really did not expect to see was this stunning Turquoise Cotinga.
It was our guide Rodrigo who knew where to find this bird, and was in an urban setting in University grounds.  

This was about the best view I got of it, which was a shame as the front of the birds also has purple patches on it, making it even more spectacular than it looks here.

 More colourful birds to come soon!!

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