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Sunday, 2 April 2017

COSTA RICA OWLS (and a Falcon)

Another post from the Costa Rica photos, this time it is the turn of the Owls.

We saw more type of Owl than I thought we would which was great.  We got Spectacled (2), Black and White, Pacific Screech (2), Feruginous Pygmy, and Vermiculated Screech Owls and all of them were great views.

We tried for 2 other species of Owl but unfortunately the had other ideas - These were the Mottled and the Crested Owl.
This Pacific Screech Owl was an opportunity that couldn't be missed.  We had been watching a Spectacled Owl and Collared Forest Falcon and were returning to the lodge in the dark, when this obliging little fella flew along the road we were travelling and landed in a tree next to the road.  It was lit up by a low powered torch and it meant a long exposure. I was well pleased

 The Feruginous Pygmy Owl above gave itself away by calling, it took a little while to find it but when we did he posed perfectly - This was in the Guanacaste area also

We had been advised to put mosquito repellent on when we went searching for this Spectacled Owl, as we walked through the wood we disturbed thousands of Mozzis.  So much for the Mosquito proof shirt.  They bit straight through it - everyone had bites.  But it was worth it,  While looking for the Spectacled Owl we heard a Collared Forest Falcon, it just sat high up in a tree while we all tried to get good vantage points to photograph it from - another poser.
Just a few more yards and then we found the Spectacled Owls - a pair of them were sat about 10 feet up in a bush. It doesn't look to pleased, but it was quite relaxed and it kept dozing off. Try as I might I just couldn't get both the Owls in one shot, they were close to each other, but foliage was hiding the other one.
I was hoping to get good views of a falcon somewhere on a trip and this was outstanding.  A very confiding bird, that just sat there and called from time to time
Below is a Pacific Screech Owl in the day time,  this Owl was actually at Ensenada Lodge where we were staying.  As soon as we arrived we were whisked off and walked down towards the Pacific Ocean, the views were wonderful and we were taken a few at a time in to see this fantastic Owl.  It was so close I couldn't use the scope, the angle was awkward but I managed to get some decent shots using my Nikon P900
 Finally the Black and White Owl below.  This was unbelievable, we were staying at Arenal Observatory Lodge and after our evening meal Yehudi, our guide, took us down to look for a Black and White Owl, we drove about half a mile and stepped outside the bus, and the Owl flew into the tree where we stopped.
Perfect timing and it was extremely close.  Again it got lit up by a torch and long exposures were used.  I do not like to use a flash on birds, but using a tripod means that a flash is not needed.

 This is a beautiful owl, and big too measuring 15 inches it is almost as big as the Spectacled Owl

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