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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Costa Rica - Frogs and Lizards

Costa Rica Reptiles
Below are some of the stunning reptiles that we saw.
Red Eyed Tree Frog - These were taken using a low powered torch rather than using the camera flash which is too powerful for use on the nocturnal frogs - this would probably harm them

Of course when we were out on our birding trips we came across other interesting animals, and some of the reptiles in Costa Rica are just as colourful as the birds.
Male Green Iguana
We had great opportunities to photograph the Red Eyed Tree frog at La Selva and Tortuguero and Green Iguanas, Green Basilisk, Brown Basilisk, American Crocodile, Black Cayman and a Spiny Lizard.  Possibly the best of all was a beautiful but dangerous Eyelash Pit Viper
Eyelash Pit Viper
This snake was at Arenal Observatory Lodge and it stayed in the same location for at least 3 days, who knows if it caught anything while we were there but it didnt seem to move much - which is part of its hunting technique.

Female Green Iguana
 Spectacled Caiman
 Green Basilisk Lizard
I don't think that I have seen one of these before - I think we normally see the Brown Basilisk.  This was at Tortuguero in amongst all the canals and mangroves.

 Red Eye Tree Frogs
What a stunning frog this is and it seems to be the most common of the frogs that we saw

American Crocodile
It was estimated that this croc was over 12 feet long - huge.  We were watching from a boat. And below some of the Crocs resting at Tarcoles Bridge - there is one here that is absolutely huge twice a thick as the othes.

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