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Monday, 13 March 2017

Costa Rica Birding 1

So, updating my blog didn't go as planned, I had trouble updating the blog from another country - again.
Also was enjoying the holiday too much to get into the tech side of things - didnt touch a phone for 3 weeks - it was great!
I am just going to upload a few photos with brief comments rather otherwise the blogs will take ages to read.
Thanks to Yehudi and Rodrigo for guiding and driving us around Costa Rica - it was great, and to Cotinga Tours for arranging everything for us - it went very smoothly - except when we were trapped in the hotel by road workers.

Our tour took us to:

  • Cerro de la Muerte / Savegre area
  • Villa Lapas / Carara area
  • Guanacaste 
  • Arenal
  • Selva Verde
  • Tortuguero
  • Finally we had a few days recovery at Quepos / Manuel Antonio
Birding usually started before 6:00am everyday with a break around lunchtime then out again around 14:00, we also had a couple of evenings owl watching - which proved very successful.
There were 9 of us on the tour 4 Brits, 3 Americans and 2 Aussies so there were differing levels of knowledge of the birds - the best of who was an 80 year American woman - Dorothy, who was very switched on and was interested in getting new birds (and she knew which ones she wanted).

So onto some birds photos.

 Female Resplendant Quetzal - at Finca Mirador los Quetzales.  They did prove hard to find and although I did see a male it was very brief and I didn't manage a photo of it. Even this female was a difficult bird to photo as it was so obscured by foliage.

 Scarlet Macaws - Carara.  When we stopped at the hotel here almost immediately we saw some Macaws flying over the river and perching in a tree.  Then late we found this nest hole with these 2 wise old birds looking out of it.

Slaty Tailed Trogon - Villa Lapas. We saw a total of 6 species of Trogon in all - which of course includes the Quetzal.
 Long Tailed Silky Flycatcher - Savegre. This was one of my target birds and although we saw them in a few places in the area this was about the best shot I got of one.

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