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I have been digiscoping for around 18 years now and through persistence and good equipment I am getting great results. I use a Swarovski 80hd spotting scope and a Sony RX100 camera which has just replaced my old faithful Nikon P5100. The majority of my bird watching takes place in County Durham in England which has a variety of different habitats from coast to moors. Digiscoping is great because it allows me to get good photos without disturbing birds. VIEW THE LATEST PHOTOBOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

Monday, 30 January 2017

RSPB Salthome - various birds

Not sure where to go this weekend I decided to would hedge my bets and have a trip to RSPB Saltholme.
First call was to see if there were any more Long Eared Owls around, if there was I couldn't find them, but the usual Owl was sat on his normal branch, I showed a young guy where it was to save him accidentally disturbing it. He was real happy with seeing it.
Then I tried for the Water Pipits at Dormans Pool that had been reported the day before - without any luck.
Then I moved onto RSPB Saltholme reserve and called in at the Phil Stead hide, to practice with my new Nikon P900.
There was a Black Swan right in front of the hide, I am not sure what the history of this bird is, it has been around Saltholme for  long while now. An unusual bird.
There were also 2 drake Pintails showing off to a couple of females - is there a more elegant duck in the UK?
 The drake is now in full breeding plumage and he was pulling some moves on the female, but typically she was playing coy. This was photographed at over 100 yards (digiscoped) it was just too far for the Nikon P900
 The Teal are also in full  breeding plumage now and are looking at their best, my Nikon camera performed well on these, giving me my best photos of Teal ever

The was also a pair of Kestrels hunting around the entrance to the reserve which gave me chance to test the camera out on a flying (hovering) bird.

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