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Monday, 11 April 2016

Gambia Rollers

The other species of bird that I specifically asked Dawda to show me was the Blue Bellied Roller, I had not got any good photos of these on my previous visit to the Gambia..
Again Dawda's knowledge was superb and in the 3 hours that we were with him we saw 4 species of Roller.

 Broad Billed Roller - This was the most common of the Rollers that I saw in the Gambia, there were a few in the hotel grounds, and we saw them everywhere that we went on bird trips.  A beautiful claret wine colour with blue in the wings.  The were also very approachable/

 ABYSSINIAN ROLLER - Unlike the last time I was in the Gambia this proved to be the most difficult Roller to see. and to my eye it is the most stunning of all of the Rollers that I saw.  This was at Kotu Bridge near to the Kingfisher hotspot.

RUFOUS CROWNED ROLLER - This was one of the Rollers that I really did not expect to see, yet we saw 3 on our different trips out.  Close to Kotu Bridge Dawda found a Roller hotspot where there were 3 different species on view at the same time these were on the Golf Course. A beautiful Roller- but is there such a thing as a drab roller - not in the Gambia
And finally the Blue Bellied Roller.  This was my main target bird for the holiday and it was not until nearly the end of it that we found these. Again they were on the Golf Course and there were 3 of them - one perched on its own and these two that were perched together.  I was so excited about getting photos of these that when Dawda was pointing other species out, I just continued photographing these Rollers. Fantastic!!

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