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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Mexico Humpback Whales

I have just arrived back from 2 weeks in Puerto Vallarta  on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and due to poor internet connections at the hotel I was unable to post on to my blog from there.
Our whale watching trip on the Monday was cancelled due to very heavy rain and poor visibility - it was rearranged for the following Wednesday and because it was an afternoon trip it was more likely that the sea would be a bit rougher - and so it proved.
After cruising for about 4 miles we saw our first Humpback a single large male it was totally against the sun, but still I tried to  get some photos of it. I am quite impressed with the result despite the glare from the sea.

Whenever I see Whales or Dolphins I always find it quite overwhelming and I was jumping up and down with excitement at seeing this magnificent animal.
The whale went for a deep dive and we moved on, after another 20 minutes or so we found 2 Humpbacks, a mother and calf together. These were on the surface a lot more and Oscar our guide said that they were swimming deliberately against the tide to build up the youngsters stamina.  They did keep shallow diving and the youngster would sometimes swim on its side with fin and a fluke showing.
Later 2 males joined them as "escorts" and they would deep dive also.  At one point the youngster swam right up to the boat to observe us.
After 30 minutes we left them alone and found another whale which provided a great show of its huge flukes as it went for a deep dive.
In the distance we could see five whale spouts - perhaps about five miles away, but due to the sea conditions and the fact they were probably deep diving we did not try to  get close to this pod.
To our stern a HUGE whale breached right out of the water showing three quarters of its body length, everyone on the boat gasped at the awesome spectacle as it crashed down into the water.  It happened so fast that I was unable to get the camera onto it, so I just enjoyed the fantastic spectacle.

We saw one further whale close up, which already had 2 boats close to it, we didnt stay long with this whale.

The company that we went with was OCEAN FRIENDLY TOURS with Oscar our guide.  I would fully recommend anyone looking to go whale watching from Puerto Vallarta to contact them as they are excellent and only have the whales interest at mind when on a trip. Brilliant!

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