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I have been digiscoping for around 18 years now and through persistence and good equipment I am getting great results. I use a Swarovski 80hd spotting scope and a Sony RX100 camera which has just replaced my old faithful Nikon P5100. The majority of my bird watching takes place in County Durham in England which has a variety of different habitats from coast to moors. Digiscoping is great because it allows me to get good photos without disturbing birds. VIEW THE LATEST PHOTOBOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Grey Phalarope - South Gare

I went for another visit to South Gare as a couple of Grey Phalarope had been seen there for the last 3 days, ever since we had the north east wind in mid week.  There is also another one at Hartlepool Headland.

When I arrived there were around about 20 people lined up on the beach watching the sea edge - from about 150 yards away!!
I joined them and found out it was the Teesmouth Bird Club outing, so I stood with them until they decided to leave.
The Phalarope was showing extremely well and was going very close to a couple of bait diggers, it obviously was not concerned about human presence.
I moved closer an eventually got to the sea edge with the Phalarope about 30 yards away. 

It fed busily and eventually worked its way towards me, and got too close for me to digiscope. It walked to within 15 feet of me, feeding all the while totally relaxed.
It kept swimming out to see and feeding then coming ashore feeding amongst the kelp and weed.

An added bonus was a Curlew Sandpiper which and times was feeding with the Grey Phalarope.

This is first time I had seen a Grey Phalarope so close, and I had only seen one other briefly at Hartlepool a couple of years ago.

I eventually ran my battery dead and went back to the car to replace it then walked up the pier to see some smashing Purple Sandpipers and 3 Red Throated Divers 500 yards offshore.
A nice couple of hours birding.

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