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I have been digiscoping for around 18 years now and through persistence and good equipment I am getting great results. I use a Swarovski 80hd spotting scope and a Sony RX100 camera which has just replaced my old faithful Nikon P5100. The majority of my bird watching takes place in County Durham in England which has a variety of different habitats from coast to moors. Digiscoping is great because it allows me to get good photos without disturbing birds. VIEW THE LATEST PHOTOBOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

Sunday, 27 July 2014


While in Bedfordshire I nipped into The Lodge, with the intention of getting some Green Woodpecker photos - again.  After standing like a lemon for nearly an hour with a few sighting of the Green Woodies, I had no pictures. Getting fidgety and thinking about making a move, I heard a Hobby in the wood behind me. I watched from where the sound came, a Green Woody flew to the right and a Hobby flew straight towards me, it landed about 40 yards away in the shade.
I couldnt believe it - I forgot about the woodies and concentrated on the Hobby - second time this has happened to me here.
The Hobby flew over the valley, I followed and got a few shots of it on various perches - at one point there were 3 Hobbies together - I assume 2 young harrassing an adult to be fed.
At one point a Hobby flew to the ground, but I couldnt see what it was doing, I edged closer, still couldnt see it, then 2 crows put the Hobby up. It had been drinking at a pool made for frogs. The heat eventually took it tole on all the birds as they took a siesta.  A great morning

Monday, 21 July 2014

More Owls

I found 2 families of Little Owl - heard another group and 2 families of Barn Owl all within a mile of each other - in fact a Little Owl family has been raised next to the Barn Owl nest tree.  So a good 3 hours watching these birds in action
 There were 3 Barnies in  a single huge oak tree - at least 1 a youngster
 Even though it saw me it was happy to sit there and pose and even sort its feathers out. Totally relaxed, unlike me. My heart was going 10 to the dozen
 One of the other owls was sat higher up but still great to see
The Little Owls were quite distracting when waiting for some other Barn Owls to appear, and it was so hard I actually missed the Barny as it came out of its hole and it flew down the hedgeback hunting
 The Little Owl is comical in the way they try to hide from you and peek through vegetation

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Barn Owl show offs

Walking down in N Yorks with my birding buddy Pete, when we came across this very attractive Barn Owl sat in its hole in an old tree.  After a while it flew up into the tree and its mate came out and flew up the hedgeback.
We didn't hang around long and these shots were digiscope from about 50 yards away.Nice surprise though. Also saw another 3 Little Owls, 1 pair very close to this old tree and another about a mile away.
 Also 2 late cuckoos were sat and power cable sometimes dropping down presumably to eat caterpillars - both were male.

Digiscoping Blog By Colin Severs

Digiscoping Blog By Colin Severs
Barn Owl in North Yorkshire