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Friday, 25 April 2014

Panama Part 3

I have been a bit slow updating this blog with the Panama report mainly because I have either been editing the photos or going out birding at this important migration time. (my excuse anyway).
One of the birds that I really wanted to see in Panama was a Great Jacamar, but this was definitely not a guaranteed bird.
Normally I believe they keep to the shadows of the jungle, when we spotted this one we were 65 meters up an observation tower. It may have responded to the guides(Alexis) bird calling and it ventured up to the canopy.
It was still difficult to get a good shot of it as there were many branches in the way but they have turned out better than I thought. It was catching large insects in the canopy and bashing them on the branch.
Another interesting, fun sighting was this Flame Rumped Tanager having a fight with itself in the wing mirror a truck.
It may have been a fight to the death if the driver had not returned and drove away.
We had to be especially quiet when our guide took us to a Spectacled Owl roost not too far away from the Canopy Tower. Although it looks quite angry in this picture, it was just yawning. A superb owl and quite big too.
This is another Slaty Tailed Trogon, they were not particularly rare but could keep to the dense part of the jungle, they can be heard calling from a long way off.
Finally, on one of our trips it was the driver and not our guide who heard and spotted this fairly common but elusive Streak Chested Antpitta. 
Again, typical of the species it was in the shadows of the undergrowth and I had to adjust the speed of the shutter to 1 second, the problem with this was the Antpitta was calling all the time and it would take a deep breath and expand like a pufferfish, so that it could give its long repeating call.  This give it a strange appearance of it being able inflate and deflate. A great find by our driver.

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