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Friday, 2 August 2013

More Whinchat

Whinchats and Merlin
I re-visited the Whinchat in Teesdale again this morning, and there were not so many there, I think a family must have moved on now. (Again the heat shimmer and wind were a problem)
However there were still at least 6 birds around, or maybe 5 now because I think a Merlin may have taken one of them.
I was sat watching and digiscoping the Whinchats when I saw something else move in the corner of my eye, I looked and this female Merlin flew low over the heather then dropped down into it, I got my camera onto it but was not fast enough. The Merlin flew up,then down the valley with something in its talons.  The only birds that I saw in the area were Whinchat and a single Wren.
After a while I decided to walk further down the valley, checking the trees and rocks as I did. After about 300 yards a Ring Ouzel flew across and grabbed my attention, I saw where it settled and set my scope up, as I did this, the Merlin flew up from a small rocky cliff only 25 yards away. I MISSED IT - damn the Ring Ouzel.
The Merlin flew further down the valley and I carefully followed, I saw movement in a tree 100 yards away, I checked with my binoculars and saw the Merlin sat in a tree, Mistle Thrushes were going barmy around it. Just as I got my scope onto it, it flew not to be seen again.
The Merlin remains a bogey bird as far as photography is concerned, but what a great bird to see.
A 3rd trip in a row to see a Merlin at this location!!
A trip down to Low Barns and a Kingfisher has returned to West Lake. But the lake is heavily weeded up with all this hot weather.

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