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Friday, 29 March 2013

Gambia Holiday

Abyssinian Roller
I have had a week break in the Gambia, not specifically a birding holiday, but of course I had my camera and there were loads of birds around, so who can resist.
I was up with the birds every morning until breakfast, then we either had a tour or took a walk. Then afternoons by the pool or beach. Nice and relaxing.
Abyssinian Roller
The birding was phenominal - I saw 138 species in just a week, many of which  were in the hotel gardens.
The Gambia is well set up for birdwatchers, as most hotels have a guide, also guides are available at the Gambian Bird Guide Association at Kotu Bridge.
To become an official guide they have to train for 3 years and then pass exams, so they are extremely proficient at what they do.
Bearded Barbet
Without the guides a tourist there simply would not see as many birds let alone identify them.
In the Senegambia Hotel there was an Abyssinian Roller hunting most mornings and afternoons, and I swear I could have reached out and touched it, it was so approachable.
Beautiful Sunbird
The hotel also contained many other species such as Blue Breasted Kingfisher, Pearl Spotted Owlet, Broad Billed Roller, Yellow Billed Shrike, Harrier Hawk, Bearded Barbet, Beautiful Sunbirds as well as many others including the abundant Black Kites and Hooded vultures.
Blue Breasted Kingfisher
This is the first of a few posts of photos from the Gambia
All photos were taken using a Canon SX50 bridge camera, as I did not want to risk taking the scope.

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