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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Gambia Holiday Part 2

On our first guided trip we went to Brufut Woods with a guide - Modou from the Senegambia Hotel.
When we got to the Woods there was another guide waiting for us, he had the local knowledge to find the 2 birds that we were really keen on finding - the Verreaux's Eagle Owl and the Long Tailed Nightjar
One of the first birds we found was a beautiful Klass's Cuckoo, its tiny in comparison with our Common Cuckoo, and its green colouring made it real difficult to see.  There were also a couple of Yellow Crowned Gonoleks close by which is a member of the Shrike family (formerly known as the Barbary Shrike), it is stunning.

Everywhere we turned there were new species of birds for us, 4 species of Woodpecker, Palm Nut Vultures, Shikra, Bronze Winged Courser (a real find).
Harrier hawk
Eventually we went deeper into the wood and the guide found the Verreaux's Eagle Owl - there were in fact 3 of them, however seeing them was real difficult as they were about 40 feet up above the lower canopy, we had view through a small window in the leaves.
Verreaux's Eagle Owl
After a break in the shade we went off to find the Long Tailed Nightjar, amazingly the guide went straight to it, word must spread where it roosts. It was typically wonderfully camouflaged and just sat tight as we took photos.
Long Tailed Nightjar

Without a guide there was no chance of finding these last to species, one would just walk straight past.
 Grey Woodpecker

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